✈️  This week our colleague Carmen Martín ID, met with the partners of the #erasmusproject “Digital ErasMUSEUM Learning” in Florina, Greece.
🤳  This project aims to combine #technology and #culture through the creation of a mobile application, for which #InerciaDigital will be responsible, becoming a more accessible resource for everyone by adapting to new trends.
🖼  On the first day in Florina the host partners welcomed us and gave us a guided tour of the exhibition at the Florina Contemporary Art Museum.
📝  The partners gave a brief presentation of their institutions and their cities before continuing with a presentation on the progress and objectives of the project.
👩‍💻 We participated in workshops where we had the opportunity to visit a virtual museum being developed with works from Florina and a presentation on how the way we experience art is changing through QR codes and new technologies.
👏  Thanks to the partners for such an interesting welcome and first contact.