The main objective is to improve the vision of how ICTs can help make the learning of students and teachers about cultural heritage a reality through the creation of a digital Museum. This new perspective of developing ICT skills and competencies encourages creativity and drives quality, innovation and recognition of school work.

The specific objectives we aim to achieve are:
  • understand the notion of culture by identifying own cultural heritage, enhancing adaptability to diverse cultures.
  • understand the significance and recognize the contribution of cultural heritage in our life.
  • use open and innovate teaching-learning evaluation process in a digital era.
  • improve teachers’ practices and create new pedagogical materials.
  • encourage lifelong learning,critical thinking and creativity in all project activities through cross-curricula.
  • support achievements to be taught in curriculum with activities related to objects in museums.
  • give students,teachers and participants the opportunity join actively in project activities for both genders equally and improve language skills.
  • practice in the use of portable learning and IT improve management competences and internationalization strategies.
  • create throughout the multicultural experience a more modern, dynamic and professional environment.
  • provide students, teachers and participants with the opportunity to research and work with primary sources through the objects in museums.
  • increase awareness of European values and European citizenship.
  • develop digital competencies of teachers, students, parents and educational institutions for free educational resources.