Upon Erasmus 2nd Call,Covid-19 ‘Partnerships For Creativity’ we, 6 partners- Sweden, Greece, Romania, Spain, Turkey came together to develop an educational partnership aiming to improve a shared vision on how IT can help making learning a reality for students and teachers based on cultural heritage. This new perspective developing IT skills and competences encourages creativity and boosts quality, innovation and recognition of school work. During the Covid-19 pandemic across the EU, countries, regions and cities, we’re stretching out a helping hand to education, giving assistance through cultural heritage. As cultural heritage shapes identities, offers a solid basis of ideas and values, people realise the need to keep the past and pass it on to future generations in the form of stories, objects, cuisine or traditions. Our partnership is such a creativity that ties past, present and future. We underline the importance of cultural heritage teaching as it shapes identities for next generations. In an effort to find proper procedures to teach cultural heritage, we applied surveys to school community. As a result it was noted that the best way is ‘Museum Learning’. Museums offer students different educational models, providing the opportunity to evaluate the knowledge they acquire at school from a different perspective. As the focus of many lifelong learning initiatives is on IT, it provides an additional opportunity for Museums and galleries to fully commit themselves to the learning enterprise.